The South African Post Office recently issued a warning about a phishing attack. The post office advised everyone to delete the email immediately.

“The SA Post Office continues to receive enquiries from members of the public who receive an email stating that a package could not be delivered to them because of outstanding customs duties,” the Post Office released in a statement. “The mail contains a link that leads them to a payment page not operated by the SA Post Office, and refers to a fraudulent tracking number not issued by the Post Office.”

The post office also disclosed that the sender’s name was changed to show that it was sent from the post office rather than the true email address of the cybercriminal. This is a typical social engineering tactic for the bad guys to utilize.

With the pandemic showing an increase in attacks all around the world, it’s important for your users to consistently be vigilant of any email communication that is out of the norm. New-school security awareness training can train your users how to spot and report any suspicious email activity.