It looks like KnowBe4 has a new cybersecurity “neighbor” here in Tampa, helping create an even larger presence of tech companies headquartered in Florida.

I’m super excited to see a more tech companies coming to the Tampa area. Since my days with WServerNews and Sunbelt Software, I’ve always felt Tampa was a great place to start a tech company – good weather, near the beach, and a wealth of great people I’ve leaned upon to help grow all of my tech ventures, including KnowBe4.

It appears that my new neighbor is OPSWAT, a tech company focusing on protecting critical infrastructure from cyberattacks. According to recent reports, OPSWAT has chosen Tampa as the location to open up its 10th office, marking Tampa as their East Coast headquarters. Part of the impetus is likely to be the recent acquisition of Tampa-based network security firm Impulse.

OPSWAT plans on hiring 100 new positions at the Tampa office, adding to its 350-person global workforce. The addition of OPSWAT only helps solidify Tampa’s position as a regional tech hub.

This is great news for Tampa Tech and Tampa in general. I look forward to seeing great things from OPSWAT!