Fortune 500 hospital and health care service provider Universal Health Services (UHS) recently became victim to Ryuk ransomware in September 2020.

UHS released the following statement, “The substantial majority of the unfavorable impact was attributable to our acute care services and consisted primarily of lost operating income resulting from the related decrease in patient activity as well as increased revenue reserves recorded in connection with the associated billing delays,”

The hospital operations system and affected systems managed to be restored. The hospital has stated that normal operations have resumed.

Remember in October 2020 when the government warned of Ryuk ransomware targeting healthcare industries? The deadly ransomware group has already hit about 20 companies a week and have been the masterminds behind the big wave of attacks on the US healthcare system.

It’s important to make sure you frequently check your network’s effectiveness. New-school security awareness training can also help your users spot and report any suspicious activity in their day to day operations.