With loved ones potentially a half a world away, scammers prey on families with scams that offer to assist with communication, care packages, leave, and more.

We all know military families sacrifice a lot so their loved ones can serve literally anywhere in the globe. It’s also well-known that military folks aren’t exactly making CEO-level compensation either. So, it’s pretty disgusting to hear that  scammers are targeting these folks to separate them from their hard-earned money.

According to new detail from security vendor Lookout, a wave of new scams leveraging more than 50 very realistic websites are focused on tricking military families into paying for services that will never be provided.


The services being offered include:

  • Communication Permits
  • Application for Leave
  • Care Packages
  • Compensation Fund Applications (for those that have lost someone in the line of duty)
  • Deployment Declination
  • Marriage
  • Housing Options
  • Resignation

Victims are asked in many cases to pay exorbitant prices for these services – well beyond anything reasonable in the real world.

This is beyond low. A list of the fake domains is provided by Lookout for reference.

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