Meta (Facebook’s corporate parent) and the digital banking company Chime have filed a joint lawsuit against two Nigerian citizens for allegedly impersonating Chime in phishing attacks, BleepingComputer reports. The defendants are accused of using “more than five Facebook accounts and more than 800 Instagram accounts” to direct users to spoofed Chime login pages in order to harvest their credentials.

“Many of these accounts used the Chime logo as their profile photo and the word “Chime” with varied spellings in the username, such as ‘_ch_im_e_’ and ‘chime942,’” the lawsuit says. “Between no later than March 2020 and October 2021, Defendants used their network of Chime-branded Facebook and Instagram accounts to impersonate Chime in violation of the Terms. For example, Defendants used Chime-branded usernames, domains, and/or profile photos in these accounts without Chime’s authorization.”

BleepingComputer says the phishing sites were designed to take over victims’ Chime accounts.

“One such phishing website is still online at chime62.godaddysites[.]com, asking visitors to enter their phone number, email, Social Security Number, and Chime password,” BleepingComputer says. “The end goal of the scheme was to withdraw money out of hijacked Chime accounts without the victims’ knowledge. These phishing websites prompted users to enter their Chime usernames and passwords to compromise users’ Chime member accounts and withdraw funds.”

BleepingComputer notes that Facebook and Instagram repeatedly blocked these accounts and phishing sites, but the defendants continued setting up new ones.

“Meta disabled Facebook and Instagram accounts used to impersonate Chime and blocked the phishing websites from its services,” BleepingComputer says. “On July 9, it also sent cease-and-desist letters notifying the two defendants that their conduct violated the platforms’ terms and revoking their Facebook and Instagram access.”

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