As Amazon Prime Day approaches, Checkpoint research is sending a warning that Amazon Prime Day scams will ramp up very soon.

Per Checkpoint, “Last year during the month of Amazon Prime Day (June 2021) we witnessed an 86% increase in phishing emails relating to the occasion, and a 16% increase in phishing URLs compared to the previous month”. Checkpoint also discovered that there were almost 2K new domains related to ‘amazon’.

A few weeks ago we shared cybersecurity tips to stay safe from Amazon Prime Day. Make sure to give your users a heads-up that they need to Think Before They Click.

I would send your employees, friends and family something like the following. Feel free to copy/paste/edit.

“On July 12th, Amazon Prime Day will occur, and you may receive a phishing email for a good ‘deal’. Please be careful with anything on anything related to Amazon Prime Day: emails, attachments, any social media, texts on your phone, anything. There will be a number of scams related to this, so  please remember to Think Before You Click! “

New-school security awareness training will ensure your users can be able to spot a suspicious phishing email of any recent current event. Let’s stay safe out there!