As cybercriminals continue to evolve their techniques, they continue to rely on phishing as the most successful tried and true method of initial attack, according to new data from Acronis.

In security vendor Acronis’ just released Mid-Year Cyberthreats Report 2022, they found that phishing continues to dominate as the cyberattacker’s favorite method of initial access. According to the report:

  • 1% of all emails are malicious in nature
  • Q2 saw an 10% increase over Q1 in the number of malicious URLs identified

Of all malicious emails:

  • 58% of them are phishing-related
  • 28% contain malware
  • 81% are a part of phishing campaigns
  • The average campaign targets 10 organizations

And the target? From the data, Acronis contend that leaked or stolen credentials were the cause of almost half of reported breaches in H1 2022, making it evident that cybercriminals understand the value of a corporate credential.

This should put the organization’s cybersecurity focus clearly on keeping their users from falling for social engineering tactics used within phishing attacks. Security solutions are a part of the answer, but the user themselves needs to be taught via Security Awareness Training to play a role of the vigilant employee that is always on guard against email- and web-based attacks seeking their credentials.

By enabling the user to help stop these attacks, organizations significantly reduce the threat surface and minimize the likelihood of a successful cyberattack of any nature.