Bank of America recently sent a customer service email warning users to watch out for this new phishing attack.

Threat actors are sending realistic texts requesting that you send money using Zelle® as payment due to a ‘fraud alert’. These texts use make the warning look legitimate, and if you respond to the text then you’ll receive a call from a fake representative.

This person will use social engineering techniques and will trick your users into asking for you to send money to yourself through the Zelle® payment method. In reality you’ll be sending the money directly to these scammers pockets, and they will be able to receive your money into their account.

Check out the full video from Zelle on how to spot this type of scam here:


It’s incredibly important that you do not share any codes based on a suspicious caller ID, and to not be pressured to act immediately if your users receive this type of call. New-school security awareness training can teach your users about the latest threats.